Perforated Aluminum Rolling Shutter Door

Aluminum rolling doors with different fixing arrangement allow doors to be installed in many ways. The total weight of the door is carried by the side piers, with no special steel or lintel required. Installation is quick and easy. Aluminum roll up doors are ideal for application where a high degree of security is required, together with consistently good reliability. Rolling up doors a re easily adaptable to suit a variety of different installation details, making this type of door suitable for both new construction work and refurbishment work in factories, warehouse, workshop, grain stores and other commercial / industrial building Advantage 1. Aluminum alloy rolling curtain door is durable, beautiful in appearance, high strength, high toughness, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy double (single) layer curtain, prevent malicious invasion outside the door, safety protection, More effective. Appearance adopts electrostatic powder spraying technology, weather resistance, anti-aging, rain resistance, corrosion resistance, service life of more than 20 years. 2. Personalized Design According to your actual size of the installation hole to millimeter production, provide products. And the curtain can customize RAL color choices, the most common colors are white, gray and ivory white. 3. Suitable installation space Aluminum alloy rolling shutter door is suitable for any installation hole. The rolling shutter door is rolled over the installation hole and only takes up the height space of the upper part of the hole. 4. Satisfactory silent operation The silent operation of the curtain door is impressive. Minimizing noise by using silent operation system in garage doors. 5. Curtain-rolled garage door can effectively prevent theft. If a prying device is installed on the door of the rolling curtain garage, the anti-theft performance of your garage door will be greatly enhanced. 6. Lightweight Operation Reliable balance system, strong driving device, well-made guide rail and flexible rollers make the door running light and flexible. Curtain Design